The first 50 owners to register will receive a dash plaque and a "goodie bag."


There will be a free drawing for entrants for some car and truck related prizes.


Our guest judges will be:

Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley, mayor of Cambridge
Sheriff James W. Phillips, Jr., sheriff of Dorchester County
Pastor Dave Kelley, pastor of Zion United Methodist Church

Some categories are fairly standard:

Mayor's Choice
Sheriff's Choice
Pastor's Choice

But some are not your typical judging categories.
Remember, this is advertised as a fun car show!
These categories may include:

Most likely to be seen on the set of "American Graffiti"
Vehicle that you would most likely lose your license in
"Clean Machine" (cleanest and most pristine vehicle)
Least likely to make it home under its own power
Most like an Alexander Calder mobile (multiple colors and shapes, many moving parts)
Most like Michelangelo’s David (flowing smooth lines, very finished, classically beautiful)
Likely gets the worst gas mileage
Most creative use of rust
Car/truck you would have liked to have had in high school
Car/truck you would most like to go Cruisin' in
Most unfinished
Most bugs in the radiator/grill
Coolest color(s)
Coolest taillights
Coolest hubcaps, wheel covers, wheels
Coolest hood or other ornament

All decisions by the judges are final.

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In Conjunction with the Dorchester Arts Showcase